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Foto: Max Ernst arbeitet an einem Wandgemälde für die Corso-Bar Foto: Aussenansicht des Max Ernst Museums Brühl des LVR Foto: Eine Kinderführung durch die Schausammlung im Wechsel Foto: Eine Ansicht der Schausammlung im Wechsel Foto: Foyer des Max Ernst Museums Foto: Ein Kind schaut sich in der Schausammlung im Wechsel Bilder von Max Ernst an Foto: Eine Aussenansicht des Fantasie Labors des Museums Foto: Ein Besucher in der Schausammlung im Wechsel vor einer Plastik von Max Ernst Foto: Hinweis zur Buchungsmöglichkeit Online Tickets Man sieht das Key Visual der Ausstellung mit einer leuchtend violetten Pixelstruktur und einer digitalen Landschaft von David Alabo im Hintergrund.


View inside the fantasy lab with worktables and work material


Following the LVR museums’ motto “Culture for Everyone” – the LVR is Germany’s biggest service provider for people with special needs, promoting inclusion in all areas of life – we offer various programs for people with special needs. This includes special guided tours of the museum and workshops at the Fantasy Lab for people with physical disabilities or learning difficulties. We also organize inclusive events such as “Kommunikation auf Augenhöhe – Kunstwerkstatt für Gehörlose und Hörende” (Communicating at eye-level – art workshop for the deaf and hard-of-hearing as well as hearing individuals). Other courses are tailored to the needs of people with dementia. Our special exhibit for blind and visually impaired visitors presents Max Ernst’s art in a tactile way; there are three plinths with bronze castings which use Max Ernst’s repertoire of shapes and which can be touched.

In addition, the museum offers audio guides in simple German. An audio guide for blind and visually impaired people was developed in collaboration with the LVR-Center for the Media and Education to provide additional sensory access for our visitors.

The museum and the nearby Fantasy Lab are mostly barrier-free. At the museum, there is a barrier-free entrance as well as handicapped bathrooms and reserved parking. The Max Ernst Museum Brühl des LVR is also certified by an organization for barrier-free tourism (Reisen für alle) to help provide detailed information about the museum and its surroundings for people with special needs.