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Key Visual "Katharina Keller – Mitternachtslinie (Midnight Line)"

Max Ernst Grant


Exhibition from April 3 to May 26, 2024

“Art is life-sustaining for me. It is my connection to our shared reality, in which we encounter one another.”
Katharina Keller

Katharina Keller’s installations weave fragments of cultural identity from Siberia and Germany with personal childhood memories. Her works create immersive spaces of association at the thresholds between past, present and future. The title of the exhibition Mitternachtslinie (Midnight Line), alludes to the meridian at which it is always midnight. It marks the natural temporal boundary between two days and travels with the sun. It separates areas into yesterday and today or today and tomorrow in the process.

The exhibition assembles sculptures and video works, in which Katharina Keller produces multi-layered relationships between places, lifeforms, objects or materials that are defining for her. The artist occupies herself with questions of postmigrant identity and the collective and subjective experiences of a post-Soviet society.

A blue-lit room with many stone elements on the floor

Katharina Keller, siberian brutalism, 2021, Installation, concrete, steel, oil-based petrol fragrance, variable implementation


Katharina Keller (*1990 in Omsk, Russia, lives and works in Düsseldorf) initially studied fine arts in Kassel before transferring to the Kunstakademie Düsseldorf in 2016. There she completed master class studies with Prof. Marcel Odenbach and is currently in the class of Prof. Dominique Gonzalez-Foerster. “Her reflective involvement with the fragments of reality of her origin and their reshaping into sculptures and video” convinced the jury of the Max Ernst Grant of the City of Brühl.

More information about the Max Ernst grant of the city of Brühl can be found Link here or on the website of the Externer Link city of Brühl