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Foto: Max Ernst arbeitet an einem Wandgemälde für die Corso-Bar Foto: Aussenansicht des Max Ernst Museums Brühl des LVR Foto: Eine Kinderführung durch die Schausammlung im Wechsel Foto: Eine Ansicht der Schausammlung im Wechsel Foto: Foyer des Max Ernst Museums Foto: Ein Kind schaut sich in der Schausammlung im Wechsel Bilder von Max Ernst an Foto: Eine Aussenansicht des Fantasie Labors des Museums Foto: Ein Besucher in der Schausammlung im Wechsel vor einer Plastik von Max Ernst Foto: Hinweis zur Buchungsmöglichkeit Online Tickets

Photo: LVR-Zentrum für Medien und Bildung / Dominik Schmitz


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New Director

The Rhineland Regional Council (LVR), which administers the Max Ernst Museum, has confirmed Madeleine Frey (born 1984), previously director of Galerie Stadt Sindelfingen, the municipal museum for modern and contemporary art, as the new director of the Max Ernst Museum from October 1, 2022.

Exhibition »Image. Max Ernst in Photographs«

Exhibition from January 15 until April 23, 2023

The exhibition revolving around the representation of Max Ernst in the medium of photography presents the extensive collection holdings of the museum with around 150 photographs from, among others, Berenice Abbott, Henri Cartier-Bresson, Robert Lebeck, Lee Miller, Irving Penn and Man Ray, for the first time including an endowment of the artist Dorothea Tanning, the fourth wife of Max Ernst.

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Exhibition »Surreal Futures«

Exhibition from August 27, 2023 until January 28, 2024

The project, with contributions from seventeen countries, brings the currentness of Surrealism to life in interactive video works, virtual and augmented reality artworks, hybrid installations, digital collages and multimedia performances.

Photo of the outside view of Max Ernst Museum

Outside view of the Max Ernst Museum Brühl des LVR. Photo: Thorsten Kleinschmidt


The Max Ernst Museum Brühl des LVR is the only museum dedicated to the life and work of the seminal artist, image poet, and cosmopolitan Max Ernst (1891–1976). The collection spans 70 years of one of the most important, versatile, and fascinating artists of the 20th century. Numerous paintings, drawings, frottages, and collages let visitors immerse themselves in the fantastic worlds of Max Ernst’s images and demonstrate his boundless inventiveness. Visitors can also look forward to seeing a unique collection of more than 70 bronze castings and sculptures. Another heart piece of the collection are the 36 "D-paintings".These works were originally painted as gifts to the artist’s fourth wife, Dorothea Tanning – a fellow artist who was a part of his life for more than three decades.


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