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Foto: Max Ernst arbeitet an einem Wandgemälde für die Corso-Bar Foto: Aussenansicht des Max Ernst Museums Brühl des LVR Foto: Eine Kinderführung durch die Schausammlung im Wechsel Foto: Eine Ansicht der Schausammlung im Wechsel Foto: Foyer des Max Ernst Museums Foto: Ein Kind schaut sich in der Schausammlung im Wechsel Bilder von Max Ernst an Foto: Eine Aussenansicht des Fantasie Labors des Museums Foto: Ein Besucher in der Schausammlung im Wechsel vor einer Plastik von Max Ernst Foto: Hinweis zur Buchungsmöglichkeit Online Tickets Man sieht das Key Visual der Ausstellung mit einer leuchtend violetten Pixelstruktur und einer digitalen Landschaft von David Alabo im Hintergrund.

Junge und Vater mit Max Ernst AR App

Foto: Thorsten Kleinschmidt

Max Ernst AR App

With Augmented Reality in the footsteps of Max Ernst

Next level museum fun: visit the Max Ernst Museum and become an artist yourself! With the creative collecting and design app “Max Ernst AR”, you assume the role of Max Ernst, scan works of art, collect 12 hidden forms and everyday objects from more than 70 sculptures of the collection, acquire exciting knowledge, answer puzzle questions and design your own virtual figure as a work of art.

Carve your own way through the museum and discover how Max Ernst assembled his sculptures from individual elements. For his sculptures, Max Ernst used simple everyday objects like egg cartons, flowerpots, natural materials like pebbles and shells or mathematical basic forms and transformed their meaning through his unusual, imaginative, sometimes humorous new combinations.

And now it is your turn! First you must discover all the individual objects of the various sculptures. Once you have found the objects, you can compile them in the gallery. With your collection, you can get started in the workshop and be creative. Combine the individual forms. You can enlarge them or reduce their size, duplicate them or cover them with a different surface. Almost done: all that is missing is your artist name and a cool title. Enter it and your own work of art is complete!

The bilingual AR app has an accessible reading-out-loud function and a dynamic text and reading size adjustment option. All texts are gender-neutral and written in plain language.